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Fitmas Challenge: Premium Challenge Bundle

$60.00 $50.00

This bundle includes both the Premium Challenge Pack + Meal Plan

Your Premium Challenge Pack Includes:

  • Early Access to Weekly Workouts
  • 15 Min Workout Guide
  • IG Story Templates


Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan (+membership/free updates)

  • What to eat, how much, when + 100s of recipes
  • Lifetime Membership: instant access to all current cookbooks + future updates

*Includes Weekly Meal Menus emailed right to you each week




As soon as you order, you’ll immediately receive the product downloads for all the challenge workouts ahead of time in a downloadable PDF, BONUS 15 Min Workout Guide, Instagram story templates and the complete meal plan



*Life Time Updates: join now and receive all future meal plan editions, such as day by day full day eating plans, seasonal cookbooks, meal prep plans and more

*Exclusive Meal Plan Member Emails: enjoy exclusives direct to your inbox like brand new recipes



  • Nutrition Kick Start: all meals mapped out for 7 days for a more aggressively focus on tightening up and leaning out (1st meal plan membership update)
  • Meal Prep Plans: 3 step-by-step plans to prepare meals ahead of time + bonus recipes
  • Warm + Toasty Cookbook: soups, sandwiches, casseroles + more to delight your belly
  • 30 Day Meal Plan: 30 days of meal by meal eating!
  • Intermittent Fasting Mini Guide: everything you need to know on IF and how to follow it
  • Weekly Meal Menus: new recipes made available each week during challenges (Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday cookbooks included as well as the new Meal Menus coming soon)


Because I send these updates via email, your plan is not a physical product. It is a PDF file you can save to your phone, tablet or computer and/or print out!